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Gardening Essentials

The University of California's Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR) is the bridge between local agricultural issues and the power of UC research. ANR advisors, specialists, and faculty bring practical, science-based answers to Californians.

Mariposa County gardeners can tap in to this vast reservoir of information at the ANR websites listed below. To print a summary of the websites, click on UC Online Gardening Guides Flyer


IPM—Integrated Pest Management

IPM focuses on long-term prevention of pests or their damage by managing the ecosystem. Rather than simply eliminating the pests you see right now, using IPM means you'll look at environmental factors that affect the pest and its ability to thrive. Armed with this information, you can create conditions that are unfavorable for the pest.

The California Backyard Orchard

This website provides access to UC fact sheets and other UC publications relating to fruits and nuts grown in the backyard.

It also provides information for backyard gardeners and consumers about UC research, contacts, courses, publications, news, and events related to backyard and consumer fruit and nut crop issues.

Also listed are worthwhile links to organizations and industries which complement UC to provide a complete resource for backyard gardeners.

The California Garden Web http://cagardenweb.ucdavis.edu

The California Garden Web is the portal to UC’s vast collection of research-based information about gardening.

The California Garden Web focuses on sustainable gardening practices and uses a question and answer format to present solutions. An online blog highlights gardening issues pertaining to the season.

Weed ID and Control
UC Weed Research and Identification Center

Got a weed but don’t know what it is or what to do about it?

UC’s Weed Research and Information Center features a Weed ID toolbar that will help you identify common weeds. The site also describes strategies for controlling weeds in landscapes and gardens—both chemical and non-chemical methods that include mechanical, cultural, biological, and herbicide control.

ANR Resources UCANR Lawn & Garden Publications

UC’s Agriculture and Natural Resources website provides a list of free and to-purchase publications on a wide array of gardening topics.