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Gardening information on a variety of topics for Mariposa County

Issues Articles Type Date Added
Velcro Plant PDF 3/23/10
Poison Oak PDF 3/11/09
Acorn Woodpeckers PDF 6/9/11
Chilling Hours for Home Fruit Trees PDF 6/9/11
Blue Oak Problems PDF 6/9/11
Living Among the Oaks PDF 6/9/11
Weather Data for 2003-2004 PDF 6/22/09
Tomato Gardening PDF 6/9/11
Lawn Watering PDF 6/9/11
Proper Pruning of Raspberries PDF 12/8/08
Mulch - The Staff of Life PDF 6/9/11
Damping Off Diseases PDF 6/11/08
Vegetable Garden "Key" PDF 6/9/11
Hops Update PDF 6/9/11
Improving Fruit Size by Thinning PDF 6/9/11
Pruning Flowering Shrubs PDF 6/9/11
Pruning Grapes PDF 6/9/11
Exotic Newcastle Disease PDF 6/9/11
Winter Sprays for Home Orchards PDF 6/9/11
Kestrel House PDF 6/9/11
The Birds and the Bugs PDF 6/9/11
Chestnuts PDF 6/9/11
Pruning Conifers PDF 11/25/08
Old and New PDF 9/11/08
Selecting Firewood and Using Ashes PDF 8/31/09
Decay in Landscape Trees PDF 6/9/11
Tree Branch Failures PDF 5/27/09
Storing Garden Seeds PDF 6/9/11
Acorns Abound Abundantly PDF 6/9/11
Spear to Fern - Growing Asparagus PDF 3/7/11
Tarantulas PDF 11/23/09
Agri-Tourism Opportunity PDF 6/9/11
"MARBE" Evidence in Bootjack Garden PDF 4/20/10
Winter Garden Preparation PDF 3/8/08
Growing Cole Crops - Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage PDF 1/10/08
Look Before You Leap into Cucumber Lotion PDF 6/9/11
Gophers PDF 11/9/09
How Do Bees Find Their Nest? PDF 10/28/09
Biological Pest Control Project PDF 10/14/09
Squash Problems PDF 9/21/09
Summer Tree Irrigation PDF 6/9/11
Tarweed Control PDF 9/3/09
Newspaper May Be Safely Added to Compost Piles PDF 8/3/10
Wasps, Yellowjackets, and Meat Bees PDF 12/2/08
Managing Grasshopper Problems PDF 4/16/09
Irrigating Fruit Trees PDF 3/13/09
Gray-Needle Pine Problems PDF 2/24/09
Aphids in the Garden PDF 6/9/11
Common Sense Cultural Practices Help To Prevent Garden Diseases PDF 6/9/11
Drip Irrigating Home Gardens PDF 6/9/11
Ants PDF 3/11/09
More on Planting Dates PDF 9/4/09
Spiders PDF 5/28/08
Mariposa Planting Dates PDF 4/27/09
Vitamins for Plants? PDF 6/9/11
Pruning Home Fruit Trees PDF 11/24/08
Fruit Tree Borers PDF 5/8/08
Growing Christmas Cactus PDF 3/13/09
Preventing Shot Hole Disease PDF 6/9/11
Root Systems of Trees PDF 2/27/08
Tree Wounds & Decay PDF 2/27/08
Rain Beetles PDF 11/3/08
Mushrooms PDF 6/9/11
Apples for Home Gardeners PDF 3/25/08
Plant Pest Problems & Garden Sanitation PDF 6/9/11
Fall Colors PDF 6/9/11
Transplanting Ornamental Trees and Shrubs HTM 6/9/11
Crop Rotation HTM 7/31/09
Oleander Compost HTM 1/14/08
Daddy-Long-Legs HTM 8/18/10
Live Oaks Dropping Leaves HTM 6/12/08
Climate Zones, Rose Beetles HTM 1/14/08
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