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Fire Education Program

Fire is a natural process that has shaped the landscapes and people of California for millennia. Prior to the arrival of European settlers, fires were frequently set by lightning and Native Americans, triggering natural cycles of rebirth and regeneration. The prevalence of fire on the landscape reduced the risk of catastrophic fire and allowed Native Americans to enhance their environment to meet their needs. While fire may lead to loss and challenges for communities in fire-prone areas such as the Southern Sierra Nevada, there are many science-based opportunities to create healthier landscapes using fire and to protect your home, livelihood, and community from the impacts of wildfire.

This page offers resources for homeowners, landowners, ranchers, and others in the agricultural community about wildfire preparedness, mitigation, and recovery.

Below are links to the statewide UCANR Fire website. Links in the menu on the left will keep you on the UCCE Madera webpage and include resources that focus on Madera County.


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