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Managing fuels around your home and property is an essential part of living with fire. Fuel management helps to reduce the risk of ignition while creating safer conditions for emergency responders during fire.

Careful use of prescribed fire is an effective way to remove fuel from your property. Burning (hand or mechanically stacked) piles or broadcasting fire across the landscape can safely reduce fuel stocking and mimic natural wildfire processes. While there are risks, many can be mitigated by planning and working with your local fire and air quality agencies.

Webinar Presentations and Resources

For Continuing Education Units in the Certified Professional in Rangeland Management program, please fill out the CEU Documentation Form and forward it to Fadzayi Mashiri at fmashiri@ucanr.edu. 

Session 1: Fire Ecology and Using Fire to Control Invasive Plants

Fire Ecology Webinar Slides

Fire for Invasive Control Webinar Slides

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Session 2: Prescribed Fire Permitting

CalFire Prescribed Fire Planning and Permitting Webinar Slides

Air District Permits and Health Effects of Prescribed Burning Webinar Slides

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Session 3: Prescribed Fire Planning

Developing a Burn Plan - Webinar Slides

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Session 4: Prescribed Burn Resources


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Prescribed Burn Associations 
Prescribed Fire Programs and Assistance

Session 5: Cultural Burning

Sierra Nevada Fire History-Webinar Slides

Traditional Fire Restoration Practices-Webinar Slides

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Other Resources

Forest & Land Management Planning and Objectives

Backyard Burning


Air Quality and Health Impacts

Air Quality-Wildfire vs. Prescribed Fire

Prescribed Burn Associations & Cooperative Burning