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Mariposa County Permit Regulations

Mariposa County Burn Permits

Mariposa County requires burn permits from both Cal Fire and the Mariposa County Air Pollution Control District based on season. 

During the burn season (usually May-October), Cal Fire burn permits are required.  During the off-season, hazard reduction burning is allowed without a permit. 

Mariposa County Air Pollution Control District requires a burn permit regardless of the season (for non-exempt burners).  If you are doing a residential burn to maintain your 100' Defensible Space, no burn permit is required. 

Regardless of burn permit regulations, anyone seeking to burn in Mariposa County must verify that it is a permissible burn day by calling 209-966-1200 or 888-440-2876. 

Mariposa County Cal Fire Burn Permit

Mariposa County requires a Cal Fire burn permit when there is a risk of piles escaping and causing property damage.  Permits are required only during high-risk time periods (usually May to October), so it is important to check with Cal Fire to determine if a permit is needed.

These hazard reduction burn permits are offered free-of-charge at your local Mariposa Fire Station: 

  • Cal Fire Usona - 2629 Highway 49 South, Mariposa
  • Cal Fire Mariposa - 5633 Highway 49 North, Mariposa
  • Cal Fire Coulterville - 10508 Highway 49 North, Coulterville
  • Cal Fire Catheys Valley - 2203 Highway 140, Catheys Valley

Even when burn permits requirements are suspended, property owners must check to make sure it is a permissable burn day by calling 209-966-1200 or 888-440-2876. Please check your permit for applicable hazard reduction burn guidelines.  

Mariposa County Air Pollution Control District

The Mariposa Air Pollution Control District regulates and monitors residential and commercial burning as well as burning on public lands to keep smoke production at acceptable levels for smoke-sensitive individuals. 

Mariposa APCD Burn Permits cost $25 per burn season.  This is separate from and in addition to the required Cal Fire Burn Permits. You will need a permit if you are: 

  • burning materials originating OUTSIDE the 100 foot defensible space required by Cal Fire, 
  • a commercial burner, 
  • clearing land for development, 
  • a public agency clearing vegetation to maintain roads or ditches

All burning must occur on a permissible burn day.  Cal  209-966-1200 or 888-440-2876 for permissible burn days.  If you are burning piles with large logs or stumps that will burn for several days, check PFIRS or call 209-966-2220 or 888-777-0377 for make sure the next few days will be permissible burn weather.