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Mariposa County 4-H Council

Mariposa County 4-H Council

The University of California 4-H Youth Development Program (4-H YDP) creates supportive environments utilizing learn-by-doing educational experiences for culturally diverse youth and adults to reach their fullest potential. In support of this mission, the University of California 4-H YDP develops programs that:

  • Are responsive to California's youth and families;
  • Are inclusive and diverse;
  • Are innovative and adaptable'
  • Are accountable for action and resources;
  • Are collaborative and team focused;
  • Are honest, fair and equitable;
  • Are respectful for the health and well-being of people, animals and the environment;
  • Are evaluated regularly ad adjusted as needed to maintain effectiveness;
  • Foster leadership and volunteerism in youth and adults;
  • Develop skills that benefit youth throughout life;
  • Build Partnerships for programming and funding; and
  • Use research-based knowledge and the Land Grant University System.

The 4-H organization includes Mariposa County 4-H Council and all subsidiary 4-H units (clubs). Through the 4-H organization, adult volunteers and University of California 4-H YDP staff work together to extend the 4-H YDP to the youth of the county, and to set and achieve the goals of the county 4-H YDP. At the local level, the University of California 4-H YDP staff and the county director have final authority to ensure that University of California policy and 4-H YDP core values are adhered to.

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