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Here are forms to use for Record Book program year completion, County Awards and more.  If you have any questions, please call 4-H Staff at 209 966-4829.

Steps to Success guidelines for fair and project completion effective August 15, 2016.

*file246199*  (form being revised call office if any questions)

4-H Project Activity Plan for project leaders to complete.  If you require additional items for your project members, you must add to the back of form- examples- do a project presentation, complete market animal form or horse form, have more meetings than the required 6 hours or 6 one hour meetings.  Member, parent and project leader must sign form and copies given to project members by the second meeting.



Annual Project Report form is to complete to receive credit (stripe & pin) for the program year for ALL MEMBERS. 

annual project form 2017-18


If member is going for a Star Rank or County Award, the Personal Development form (PDR) is also needed

PDR 2017-18

Primary member PDR- Primary member PDR

If member was a Junior or Teen Leader for a project, the Junior and Teen Leader form is required if the member wishes to get credit. 

Junior and Teen Leader Form-   Juniorteen record form

Required for Senior members only-   4-H Resume -for Senior Members only

If applying for County Project awards the project report form for that project (either APR or Market Animal forms) must be completed and added to your record book.  See forms below-   

Market Project Form   Market Animal   

Supplemental Breeding Form   Supplemental breeding form

 Horse form - use Annual Project form and the horse lease agreement

horse lease agreement -

County Award Forms- if applying for a County Project Award complete one or both forms and turn in with record book.

 4hmemberctyawardreq Form to complete for County Project Awards

County Achievement Award Application    County Achievement Award Application

Livestock Transfer form- if transferring to Independent or FFA need to complete this form 120 (beef or horse), 60 (swine, sheep or goats), 30 days (rabbits, chickens) before fair.  All signatures required.

livestock project transfer form

List of projects as of October1, 2017-  Can add or change projects as of December 31, 2017.

2017-18 projects


Leadership Team Application- due by June 30

Leadership Team application- Leadership Team application 2018


 All-Star & Emerald Star Applications- due by June 30

All-Star application- allstarapp

Emerald Star application- emeraldstarapp


 Scholarship application-

2018 scholarship-  due into office by April 6, 2018 by 5p


Livestock Animal Loan application-







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