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Ag In the Classroom- 4-H School Enrichment Program

'Ag in the Classroom', a 4-H School Enrichment Program, is a program coordinated with school personnel with use of selected 4-H learning materials as well as some California Ag in the Classroom curriculum as part of the school curriculum during school hours. They involve one or more sessions with activities led by 4-H Youth Development Program staff, volunteers, and teachers.

In 2018-19, close to 700 students along with 10 teachers at 4 schools, 2 Headstart programs were able to have a 'hands-on' learning experience with the following projects: Embryology, Butterfly Pavilions, Ladybug Land, Praying Mantis, and more. 

For more information on how to obtain the use of these materials contact Ira Jones, 4-H Coordinator, at (209) 966-2417.

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