Learn about food and nutrition on YouTube UC Davis

May 5, 2010

NewsWatch compress
There are a number of short (two-minute) NewsWatch segments on the UC Davis YouTube channel on various aspects of food. These timely and straightforward videos are easy to view and educational. Some food-related topics of interest include:

  • Shaking up salt perceptions [link]

  • Do we obsess about being fat? [link]

  • Why diets don’t work [link]

  • UC Davis creates “bettermilk” (dairy goat milk that protects against diarrheal diseases) [link]

  • UC Davis nutritionist advises: save your money on diet books [link]

  • Recession-proof foods (weighing cost against nutritional value) [link]

  • Beer v. wine: which is the real energy drink? (a 14-minute UC Davis Frontiers program) [link]

You can view all UC Davis YouTube videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/UCDavis.

By Ann King Filmer
Author - Communications