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MFP Workshops

Introduction to Canning--Mariposa

2024-06-01 Intro to Canning Flyer

Introduction to Canning--Merced

Merced 4th Canning Workshop-1-Merced May 4th[67]

Pickling & Fermenting

Sierra Pines Flyer


MG/MFP Workshops--Pickling & Fermentation

03-02-24 MG-MFP Vegetable Workshops Flyer

MG/MFP Workshops--Citrus and Jams

02-03-24 MG-MFP Fruit Workshops Flyer

Love Grows where Rosemary Goes


Rosemary is associated with remembrance, memory, and fidelity. In Roman times, students wore springs of rosemary in their hair so that their memories would be better. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Ophelia says ‘There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance, pray you love, remember.’ Rosemary was entwined into the bride’s head wreath to encourage couples to remember their wedding vows. It was added to wine and used to toast the bride’s special wishes. Someone could be made to fall in love merely by being tapped on the finger with a sprig of rosemary.  


With Valentine’s Day a few short weeks away, we are going to share some preservation techniques for using this popular and plentiful herb through a review of some simple and delicious rosemary flavored dishes.  


Love Grows where Rosemary Goes Tips and Recipes



Resilient Living

Resilient Living



Preserving Tomatoes

Preserving Tomatoes workshop-Mariposa-JPEG


Preserving Fall and Winter Vegetables

Due to unforseen circumstances, we regret the UC Master Food Preservers were unable to present at this event. Click on the link below to receive the recipes and process handouts from the event.

2023-07-08 Growing & Preserving Herbs Flyer

Preserving Fall-Winter Vegetables

BBQ, Potluck & Condiments, Oh My!

2023-06-10 BBQ, Potluck, & Condiment Flyer


Growing & Preserving Herbs

2023-07-08 Growing & Preserving Herbs Flyer

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