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Lessons from the School Garden

Join UC Master Gardeners of Mariposa County and Wasuma Elementary School as Master Gardeners and school garden volunteers present "Lessons from the Garden" for students grades K-8.


Milkweed Tour of Mariposa County

Join UC Master Gardener Ron Allen on a virtual milkweed tour of Mariposa County. Find out specifics on native milkweed species, tidbits from history, and where to find these beneficial species. 


Tomato IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

Join UC Master Gardener Helen Willoughby-Peck as she explores some of the many problems foothill gardeners may find with their tomatoes. 


Growing Garlic

Join UC Master Gardener, Helen Willoughby-Peck, as she highlights the two types of garlic and demonstrates how to plant, harvest and cure garlic.

Growing Sweet Potatoes in the Foothills

Join Helen Willoughby-Peck, UC Master Gardener of Mariposa County, as she explains how to grow sweet potatoes in the Sierra Nevada foothills. She will cover how to create your own sweet potato slips, planting and tips to successful growing. 

If you would like more information on growing sweet potatoes, check out "Sweet Potato Production in California" by UC Farm Advisor Scott Stoddard. 

Visiting the Garden with Doug Kanarowski

Visit the Kanarowski Garden and learn from Doug Kanarowski how he gardens in the Sierra Nevada Foothills in this virtual tour.

Mariposa in Spring

Join the UC Master Gardeners of Mariposa County for a look at "Spring." Mariposa has a beautiful spring bloom, in the wild and in our gardens.