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Mariposa Creek Parkway Demonstration Garden

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UC Master Gardeners, Michele Minniear and Julie Dowsing

The Mariposa Creek Native Plant Demonstration Garden meanders along the walking path on Stroming Road, between 6th and 8th Streets. The continually evolving garden demonstrates the beauty and hardiness of California native plants in home landscaping. California natives are often overlooked by home gardeners in favor of exotic imports that do not thrive as well in our foothill environment. Most of the plants in this garden are drought tolerant, many are fire resistant, some attract birds and butterflies. Most are not attractive to deer.

More than 30 varieties of California natives suitable for home landscaping may now be seen. Many plant species and varieties are labeled for your information. A self-guided brochure is available at the UC Cooperative Extension office at 5009 Fairgrounds Rd in Mariposa. We invite you to take a stroll down the path and see how many of the plants you can identify.

Funding was provided by the Elvenia J. Slosson Endowment Fund, which is dedicated to the advancement and promotion of the science and practice of horticulture, particularly including ornamental horticulture for the home gardener.

Among the plants you'll see are Flannel Bush, spice bush, native mock orange, western Columbine, western Blue Flax, Emerald Carpet Manzanita, and Redbud. There are many others. For pictures and information on some of the native plants found at the Mariposa Creek Parkway, please see the following presentations:

Plants of the Mariposa Creek Parkway, Part I: Bigelow's Sneezeweed to California Poppy

Plants of the Mariposa Creek Parkway, Part II: Coffeeberry to Penstemon

Plants of the Mariposa Creek Parkway, Part III: Rabbitbrush to Yarrow

The UC Master Gardeners of Mariposa County are currently working with the Mariposa Resource Conservation District to promote conservation of native pollinator plants in the Mariposa Creek Parkway Demonstration Garden. 

UC Master Gardeners at the Mariposa Creek Parkway Demonstration Garden
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UC Master Gardeners (from left to right): Betty Massey, Vivian White, Ingrid Angelini, Marcia Herrick, and Julie Dowsing