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Seed Library
Mariposa Seed Library  

Check out this exciting Master Gardener resource at the Mariposa County Library Main Branch!

The Benefits of Gardening

The Health Benefits of Gardening

Looking to make good on that New Year's Resolution to get healthy?  Consider the health benefits of gardening!


Gardening for the Physically Challenged

Even those with physical challenges can garden--with a few helpful accommodations!


Vegetable Gardening During a Pandemic

Stressed? Feeling isolated? Creating a victory garden can give you peace of mind--and some great veggies!

Gardening Methods & Techniques

Fall Trees and Downed Leaves

Explore huglekultur, a gardening technique that uses old sticks and logs along with compostable materials to keep your plants moist and fertilized.


Container Gardening
Container Gardening

Is your soil difficult to work with? Do you not have the space for a fenced garden? Do you have plants that need to be moved around? Container gardening may be the way to go. 


Starting a Garden
Starting a Home Garden

Are you considering starting your first garden? Check out these tips to get started on the right foot. 

Building Healthy Soil

New Earth
New Earth

Building healthy soil is the key to a healthy garden. Know your soil type and learn how to work with it for a successful gardening experience. 


Undercover Gardening

Using mulching and other covering, you can cut down on weeds and build a healthier soil for your garden plants. 


Test Your Soil
Test your Soil

Learn more about why to test your soil and what to test for. You can use a soil test kit available at most garden and hardware store. For a more complete analysis, try sending a sample to a Soil Testing Lab

Managing Water

Berms and Swales
Terraces, Berms and Swales

In the foothills, it is essential to manage and control where the water goes on your property--both to conserve water for your garden and avoid erosion.

Fire and Our Gardens

Wildfires and Fall Gardens

How does the smoke from our frequent wildfires affect our garden plants? 



Fire Proof Gardening
Fire Proof Gardens

Preparing your property for fire? Find out what Fire Ecologist Mark Garrett has to say.


The Partnership between Humans and Nature during Fire Recovery

Fire recovery takes care and planning. Working with nature yields the best results. 





Scorched Earth - Soil Prescriptions

The first step to recovery after fire is to protect burned soil from erosion during the winter rains.


Give Trees a Chance - Ecosystem Resilience

Many Sierra foothill trees are adapted to fire and will recover on their own given time. 





To Seed or Not to Seed

Research is changing regarding the ecological effects of seeding. 



Do your Part to Reduce Human Caused Wildfire

The causes of wildfire can vary by area, but we all want to do our part to keep wildfire at bay.


Defensible Space and How to Create It

Why is defensible space important? How can it help protect your property and firefighters during a fire?


If Fire Comes Your Way - How to Prepare for Evacuation

When it's time to evacuate, it's best to be prepared.

The Home Orchard

Bare Root Fables
Bare Root Fruit Tree Fables

The truth--and the fables--surrounding bare root fruit trees. Learn these basic tips before you buy!


Selecting Bare Root Trees
Selecting Bare Root Fruit Trees

Have you ever wondered how to go about picking a bare root fruit tree from the nursery? 


Planting Bare Root Trees
Planting Bare Root Trees

So--you have selected a bare root fruit tree (or three). Now what? Here are some tips to planting your long-term investment. 


Winter Pruning
Winter Orchard Care

Fall and winter is the time to prepare your home orchard for a successful summer. Here are some guidelines to get you started. 



Peach Leaf Curl
Peach Leaf Curl

Peach leaf curl is a significant issue in many home orchards. If your peaches and nectarines show signs of peach leaf curl, treat them in the fall and winter for the coming year. 

Propagation Techniques

Seed Starting

Are you ready to get some seeds started for your garden?  Here is what you need to know. 

For a complete guide for seed supplies, check out Vegetable Seed Sources.


Spring Seed Starting
Spring Seed Starting

Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! Start your spring seeds here!



Transplanting Seedlings

You've started your seeds, they germinated, now what? Learn how to transplant seedlings into your garden. 

For more information, see Using Transplants in Vegetable Production.


Transplanting Seedlings
Transplanting Seedlings

Do you have seedlings that are too big for their current pot but it's too early to plant them outdoors? Try transplanting into a larger pot. 

Vegetable Gardening

Planning your Vegetable Garden

Ready to start planning your vegetable garden?  Here's what you need to get started.


Growing Tomatoes in the Hot, Dry Sierra Foothills--Part 1

Ready to get started growing tomatoes here in the Sierra Foothills?  Here is what you need to know to pick the tomato varieties that will work for you. 


Growing Tomatoes in the Hot, Dry Sierra Foothills--Part 2

Now that you have some seedlings to work with, let's get them transplanted and growing in your garden.


Growing Tomatoes in the Hot, Dry Sierra Foothills--Part 3

When the weather gets hot, your tomatoes may need a little extra care. Here's what to do. Also, check out UC ANR's Growing Tomatoes for the Home Garden for more information.



There's never enough garlic, is there?  Here are the in's and out's to growing your own garlic. 



Winterizing Perennials
Winterizing Your Vegetable Garden

Prepare your perennial vegetables for the winter with these tips and tricks.



Winter Veggies
Six Winter Vegetables

Summer isn't the only time to grow vegetables in California's Mediterranean climate. See what you can grow all winter long!

California Natives & Pollinator Gardens

California Natives
Gardening with California Native Plants

California Native Plants have acclimated to the hot, dry summers and mild winters of California, making them well-suited to any California garden. They are good for the bugs, good for the birds and good for you!


Pollinator Garden
Planning and Planting for Pollinators

Would you like to attract pollinators to your garden? Are you interested in creating a habitat for diminishing pollinators?  


California Poppy
Native Plants in the Fall

Fall is the time to plant natives. Find out about a few fall natives you could add to your landscape.


Growing Houseplants

Are you interested in growing houseplants? Try these tips and easy houseplant varieties.

Integrated Pest Management

Garden Insects

There's a bug in my garden! How do you know if it is a good bug or a bad bug?  Check out this guide and then jump onto the UC IPM (Integrated Pest Management) website to identify your bugs. 



Santa's Deer

Even in winter, deer can reek havoc on your garden. Check this article and look at the UC IPM on Deer Management.


Tomato Pests  

Plagued by pests on your tomato plants?  This is the place to start for identifying and fixing your pest problems. Follow it up with more information from the UC Pest Note on Tomato Problems.


Tomato Diseases

Not all tomato problems are pests. Check to see if your tomatoes may be suffering from common tomato diseases. Follow it up with more information from the UC Pest Note on Tomato Problems.

Seasonal Gardening

Shade Cloth
Hot Weather Gardening

When the weather gets hot, even your plants will start wilting! Find out what you can do to protect your garden in the heat of summer. 


Bats, Pumpkins and Tarantulas

Fall gardening at its best--bats, pumpkins and tarantulas signal fall in the foothills and abroad.



Winterizing Perennials
Winterizing Perennials

Winterizing your home and garden on your list?  Find out how to protect your perennial plants so your garden is happy and vibrant come spring!



December in the Garden

December is a time to prep, prune, and catch up on garden tasks so you are all ready for spring.